Learn More About TELTOS

Teltos is independently owned and operated by Roberto Cavaliere, originally from Italy,

and which also owns Veneto Machinery. Veneto Machinery is a fully automated process

that includes CNC, saw and waterjets, and includes edge polishing. Teltos quartz slabs

are unique in the sense that our slabs are manufactured utilizing full-body veining.

Teltos is a full-service manufacturer and vendor.

Not only does Teltos Quartz have two overseas manufacturing facilities, Teltos has three

United States showrooms and warehouses located on the west coast. We stock over

20,000 slabs and prefab countertops here in the U.S., including kitchen tops with islands

for plug-and-play installation. Teltos is your perfect partner for any new build or

renovation projects.

In 2018, Teltos diversified and started the “cut-to-size” program for hospitality and

multifamily. We are a fabricator, so it just made sense to help cut down costs for our

clientele. Each piece of stone and countertop is individually wrapped and labeled

accordingly prior to being crated. At Teltos, we believe in presenting the best quality

while protecting our client’s investment! Our quality control and manufacturing

process requires a high level of detail; however, this is the quality that our clientele


We value our relationships and will do whatever it takes to ensure your satisfaction.

After all, Teltos is committed to building long-lasting relationships.